April Fool’s Day or April Fool’s Year? ~ Claude Alvares |6 Assagao, 1st April, 2019 | 7.30 pm

Claude Alvares will speak on how people of Goa have been taken for a ride not just on one day associated with fools, but every single day of the year. He will do this with the expectation that those who come to hear the talk also want to opt out of “fooldom” or the kingdom of fools. Monkey-wrenchers or aspiring monkey-wrenchers are most welcome.

Discussion: Goa’s Safety Perception~ An Uneasy Link | At 6 Assagao, March 11th, 7.30 pm

The issue of foreigners death in Goa is rising and is a blow to the image of Goa. This #mondayfixgoa March 11th, at 6 Assagao, we have Mr Sujay Gupta, Senior Journalist, with Ms Caroline Collasso, Advocate and Activist discussing this crucial issue of safety in Goa and it’s different perceptions

Talk on Independent Journalism | Priyanka Borpujari | 14th August, 2017 | @ 6 Assagao

In this talk, she will give us a perspective of her journey as a journalist, what makes her continue to do her work when media as a whole has many challenges today, and what led her to create The Kali Writes Project.

The North East Panorama/ Screening and Discussions

Sanjoy Hazarika has just taken over as Director of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), having earlier set up the first Centre for North East Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, and the innovative C-NES which runs the pioneering boat clinics of Assam in partnership with the National Health Mission, reaching over 4 lakh persons with health care esp vulnerable women and children on islands in the Brahmaputra river.