Screenin’ n Jammin’ | Garbage by Q | July 5th, 2018, 8 pm onwards | Cirrus at Anjuna

Starring Tanmay Dhanania, Trimala Adhikari and Satarupa Das, Q’s ‘Garbage’ saw its World Premiere at the Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival, 2018, and its US Premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival, 2018. It is now lined up for its Asian Premiere at the Bucheon International Film Festival, South Korea, and a screening at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne.

Ghya Chang Fou | Screening and Interaction with Film Maker | 6 Assagao, Feb 26th Monday, 7 pm onwards

Ghya Chang Fou is a dark political satire which identifies itself as an alternative underground film. The film has been made without any support from the mainstream industry and thus in many ways it belongs to the domain of independent film making practice. The film consciously avoids the glossy look. Instead, it explores with raw and dark images which adds novelty to the film. Ghya-chang-fou literally means ‘suddenly beheading’ in Bengali. it features thirteen unnamed people gathering in a mansion filled with archaic objects to celebrate what appears to be a communist revolution. Nothing seems real, roads open up to improbable places, places lead to impossible elevators, elevators lift people to unconvincing roads. Bacchanalian spirit steadily overtakes the initial deadpan seriousness. The encore of celebration sounds delusionary as the drunken conversation about communism, about its methods and means, about it intricate turns through history degenerates to bourgeois nonsense and decadence leading to absurd rifts, comic conflicts, unleashed orgies and debauchery. A gun is shot, somebody is hit, he party goes haywire, people leave for nowhere, leaving a young couple in the desolate building as either successors or survivors. Do they succeed? Do they survive? The blackest comedy from Bengal takes a strange turn; the Bengali Leftist head hardly remains firm where it should have been.

Screening | Koka Underground – Black Comedy| September 25th, 2017|7-10 pm|6 Assagao

Epic Shit Entertainment is a theatre & film production and digital distribution company founded with the goal of creating ambitious, high-quality productions that are deemed risky by contemporary Indian production companies and unpalatable by the socially conservative Indian.