Body as home | Live Art | 4.11.19 #mondayfixgoa 6 Assagao

‘Body as home’ is a 3 hour long ( 7-10 pm) interactive live performance by 7 artists. Please arrive 15 mins earlier. Artists – Akshay Bhise focuses on composing and producing experimental music inspired by nature with the help of instruments such as mouth harps, didgeridoo and ocarina & puts forth the imagination in UV … Continue reading Body as home | Live Art | 4.11.19 #mondayfixgoa 6 Assagao

Gobi ke patte ki chutney | Solo theatrical performance | 5th August, 7 pm, 6 Assagao

5th August #mondayfixgoa at 6 Assagao @peopletreegoa | Solo theatrical performance by Zeeshan Hasan Akhtar @zhasanakhtar ~ A subtle and deeply disturbing account of the more primal components of human subjectivity. | Poster by Pale Blue Dot @reggiegoveas | #goanarratives #thusgoa #hacktivismgoa Limited seats. Donation based programme.